The Moon's Reflection


Victoria Falkenburg

I look up at a full smiling moon
It bathes me in its glow
It pulls on my heart
Leading me to a place of relief

A place where only I feel
A place I can give my pain over to the moon

An altar of light
Where I worship as a lonely patron
I wonder... Am I
A saint of sanity
A demon of dementia

The moon leads me to a sanctuary of sadness
But allows me to purge my soul

The stars are but other souls the moon has led astray
Souls it has captured then hung in the black sky, to use as playmates

The moon hides them there from the sun
Never letting them bask in the day's light again
I feel my soul start to soar
But my heart remembers you

With just the thought of your name, my soul
Slips back into my body
And I'm just the moon's reflection


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"The Moon's Reflection" Copyright © 2001 Victoria Falkenburg. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.
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