Prisoner of Night

t'shai k

A whispered chorus of moans
flesh pale as the glow of moonlight
on frosted panes of glass

The blood flows
crimson, melting
pools of waxen life

Dreams are forgotten
in the darkness
in the night

And eternity
becomes a veil
to hide our fear

Like mist
the memory of us
fades with the coming of day


Author Bio

Editor of the on-line magazine, "evernight", I had to temporarily cease publication because of a legal snafu with UHaul that my publisher is undergoing. We hope to be back on-line soon. My work has appeared in "Cyberverse," "Penny Dreadful," "In Darkness Eternal," "Necropolis" and other small press magazines. Once a resident of Miami Florida, I am finally residing in Athens Georgia with the rest of the ShadowFire Press/Stygian Vortex Publications Crew.



"Prisoner of Night" Copyright © 1998 t'shai k. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.
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