At Play in the Cemetery


Terry Lowenstein


When the sun has set
and the moon is shining bright.
Tween the mist and the shadows
unseen spirits walk the night.

Sometimes you'll hear their laughter
floating on a breeze.
Sometimes it is their crying
that whispers through the trees.

They visit on haunts, places
once held dear, on Halloween
they walk amidst mortals
the seen with the unseen.

But on other nights when mortals sleep
they from slumber rise.
They wander midst the tombstones.
Hidden from mortals eyes.

The adults speak of other times
and how the world has changed.
They wonder at humanity
has it become deranged?

But the children
act as children will.
Run, laugh, play.
Their playground the hill

that rises near the top.
They climb the trees.
They swim the lake.
The adults they tease.

That is until the morning sun
their play is done then.
Reluctantly the children
trudge off to bed again.

To sleep away the day.
Till night beckons at their door.
Then they wake and rise
to play, and play some more.




Author Bio

I am of Irish and French descent. Born in Virginia, I am by birth a Southerner. But, my father's work was to end up taking my family to several different states. I lived in a variety of places: Washington DC, Baltimore, Connecticut, to mention but a few. But it was the years after my father's death that had a major influence on my writing. My mother a young widow with four children moved to Florida, to be near her own mother. It was in Florida that I was to finish growing up, attend college, marry and give birth.

But the land of perpetual summer was not for me, and when the opportunity arose for a job transfer. We happily moved. It is here in North Carolina that we have at long last put down roots. Built our home. So my bio listed with my articles (writing magazine articles is my day job) reads thus: Terry Lowenstein is a writer from North Carolina who lives with her husband, two daughters and two cats-Dickens and Emerson.

Our house welcomes you with a porch filled with geraniums. It is here the I write. Besides writing poetry, I also write short stories. My "day job" as I mentioned before is writing magazine articles. These include personal essays, travel articles, and a monthly column that appears in parenting magazines throughout the United States.

A sample of my recent parenting publishing credits: Baton Rouge Parents Magazine, Big Apple Parent, Charlotte Parent, Maryland Parenting, Oklahoma Parent, Northwest Baby and Child, Parent's Press, Sydney's Child, and Melbourne's Child

But this is not my only day job, during the school year my schedule grows even busier for I homeschool my two daughters. And so it is that my family and life influence, and inspire the ink that flows from my pen. My poetry has appeared in a variety of publications among the most recent: Mail Call-A Civil War Journal, Blue Fifth's Review, Hawkwind, lingerings, Niederngasse, A Country Rag An Appalachian Review, The Writer's Hood, The Friendly Spirit, Wilmington Blues, The Pedestal Magazine and Southern Ocean Review. With more poetry due to be released in the coming months in Nectarzine, Prairie Poetry, Fables, and Lost Ages Chronicles.

In the months ahead I plan to be involved in several special projects in connection with my poetry. I have one poetry collection currently featured at Hawkwind. And should by the end of the year have another collection over at Lost Ages Chronicles. I am also busy with my latest chapbook--Poetry From Rock Stream. And, I plan to be more involved in poetry readings. I love being able to read my work aloud. In addition I plan to further pursue avenues opening in the children's writer's market. Finally it is my hope to finish my first fictional book. A book that now nears completion.

So there you have it my bio, and a sampling of my writing credits. Writing has and always will be important to me. And poetry, poetry for me is magic, waiting to be discovered. A journey filled with wonder.





"At Play in the Cemetery" Copyright © 2001 Terry Lowenstein. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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