Whisper Your Heart


Sherra Gray

Shall I come to you in periwinkle dreams
cast in golden slumbers of pre-dawn
haze? If I adorn my heart for you,
a banquet on mahogany escritoire
where I write of precious memories,
would your ear hear of my love?

Shall I come to you in golden chariots
of midday ~ blazing a song of passion
and praise? If my heart became a mantel
of sturdy oak, would you spread your
laurels upon it ~ anchoring it there in
precious metals of pride?

Shall I come to you in azure orbits of night
where passion dreams find eager hearts
burning in fire-cast red? If my heart became
a silken sheet, slippery-soft and beckoning,
would you wrap yourself in its hope and
glory in the rapture?

I have waited for you in darkness of love
and cast spells with heart-warm wishes,
but they are not enough. I search the
highest plateaus for the keys to you.
Tell me in secret whispers, I will not betray,
and I will open heaven for us.

Whisper your heart to me, and I will place
it beside my pillow and breathe soft caresses
to its ear. I will guard it with passion and fire,
fanning the flame, until I find the key;
for my love is unceasing. My spirit hopes
in eternity, and dies a little each day.

Renew me with your life-song...
And awaken to a beacon shining brightly,
in awe of you.


Author Bio

Sherra Gray lives, works, and writes in Lawton, Oklahoma. She teaches Vocal Performance by day and writes poetry and short stories by night. As a vocalist, Sherra has performed lead roles in such operas and musicals as Die Fledermaus, cosi fan tutte, Candide, Fiddler on the Roof and The Sound of Music. Her poetry and stories are just starting to see the light of day with publications in eThis! and EWG Presents. She is owned by her husband, two cats and a faithful Boston Terrier.


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