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Eguild Adopts New Mission

Robert Marcom, Chairman



As of January of this year, 2001, Eguild has voted to adopt the mission of compiling and propagating standards of practice between authors, cover artists, editors and publishers producing works for electronic publication. The Standing Committee for Standards and Fair Practices was designated to oversee Eguild's participation in the community of electronic publishing professionals.

Eguild, a business association for those engaged in any aspect of electronic publishing, was founded on January 1, 2000 at the stroke of 12:01 at the International Dateline. The intention was, and remains, to provide advocacy for fairness for authors and artists who work at the creative cutting edge of literature: electronic publication.

The membership currently supports two other activities, in addition to Standards and Fair Practices. Promotional activities for members, and participation in the E-book Manual for Readers continue to be at the heart of Eguild's efforts.

The Ebook Manual Project is hosted by the Mystic Ink community ( We are well-represented on the project. Our members currently make up a large percentage of of those involved. The goal is the production of a comprehensive, yet easy to understand, guide for anyone interested in buying, downloading and reading electronic literature.

Promotional activities have been on hiatus, due to the amount of work necessary for accomplishing the other two activities, but we should be ready to begin a programmed effort on behalf of our membership by the end of the year.

Eguild is currently awaiting approval of tax exempt status from the U. S. Internal Revenue Service. Such status will allow us to offer seminars, demonstration projects and provide business services for members. We will be able to conduct contests and present awards without incurring tax liabilities.

Eguild has undertaken great tasks in service to the e-publishing community, and we realize both the enormity and the need for such service. We invite professionals of all stripe to join with us in our efforts to improve the professional environment.

For membership information, please see our web page:


Author Bio

Robert Marcom is the Chairman of the Electronic Authors & Artists Guild ( ) and the founder of and moderator for Net Author, ( ) an online writers community. He resides in Houston Texas where he is gainfully unemployed as an author, illustrator and photographer."

Author of "A Voyage Through The Cosmos" (ISBN 1-930430-03-5)
"Earth Rocks!" (ISBN 1-930430-04-3)

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