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Practical Tips for Online Authors # 4


Lida E. Quillen


How to advertise your ebooks on the net

First and foremost, always include info on your books in your "sig" line. Send press releases to ezines, appropriate web sites, newsgroups and to your online friends who in turn will post the info other places you might not think of. Submit articles or stories to paying and even non-paying e-zines and newsletters, especially if they will include the url to your website. Create your own newsletter and include info on your upcoming releases, author interviews, book reviews and book signings.

An author website is a must. The best advice I can give you is to check out Victoria Strauss' "Building a Writer's Web site."

No doubt you have submitted your web site url to a number of search engines and web sites. If not, or you need help on how to submit your site to search engines, check out Virtual Promote for valuable suggestions.

Scribes, SFF World, The Eternal Night, Twilight Times and other ezines publish interviews with epublished authors. Sime~Gen, The Blue Iris Journal,, and many others post ebook reviews.

Take advantage of reasonable banner ads at Scribes World.

And SpecFicWorld.

Join online communities such as SFF Net if you write SF/F.

Submit your new ebook release info to Solar Flare. Ask about their interactive author interviews.

Authors Den offers great promo opportunities.

Take advantage of free promo opportunities, such as the "shameless promotion" section of the SpecFicMe! Market newsletter. You can send the latest news of any sales (including books, short stories, articles) you recently made.

Preditors and Editors™ -- will help advertise your *first* book.

Get listed at

Check out an article by Charlotte Boyett-Compo on "What You Won't Be Getting..." [when you sign with an epublisher.]


Stay current with the fast-changing world of epublishing by subscribing to emaillists and newsletters, such as:

And Lorna Tedder's "Your Free Book Promotion Countdown Checklist." Terrific resource.


My best advice to you is to purchase the following books:
e-Lectrify Your Sales: A Writer's Guide to e-Publishing $uccess by Leta Nolan Childers from DiskUs Publishing

Practical Tips for Online Authors by Lida E. Quillen from TT Books

For those of you interested in learning more about epublishing in general, I recommend Karen Wiesner's book, Electronic Publishing, The Definitive Guide. The latest edition is available.

The promo and marketing tips in the above books are well worth the price. And the material covered does not really overlap.

"Marketing and Self-Promotion" by Astrid Cooper is enlightening

"How Not to Promote Your Book" - a timely article by Charlotte Boyett-Compo.

And you might want to check out the Top 101 Book Marketing web sites

eBook Sellers

Several distributors and ebook stores offer a non-exclusive agreement and will sell your books for you. has a very user-friendly web-based system for listing your books. Check out their affiliate program. will soon (perhaps before you read this) have over 2,000 more new titles from major publishers like Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Mcgraw-Hill and others. Their stated goal is to provide readers with an independent alternative to the two-name stores and moreover, to give smaller publishers an opportunity to compete alongside the bigger ones. offers authors worldwide the opportunity to promote and sell their books/POD/ short stories/novellas/books. publishes ebook news, reviews and will list your ebook for free.

Reviewer Lists

eBook Reviews - affiliated with
Sirius List of ebook reviewers
Alan's List of reviewers


Lida Quillen's list of reputable epublishers.

Mary's Wolfe's Guide to Electronic Publishers

And finally, beloved fantasy author Piers Anthony maintains a comprehensive reference page on Internet Publishing.

These suggestions are a very small sample of the dozens of no-cost and low-cost promo ideas that can be found in Practical Tips for Online Authors available from Twilight Times Books.

Copyright © 2001 by Lida E. Quillen, publisher and author of Practical Tips for Online Authors.

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  About the Author

Lida E. Quillen is an author, editor, literary agent, publicist and web master. She is the founder and owner of cyber book shoppe and publishing house Twilight Times Books as well as the Twilight Times Agency and Twilight Times ezine.

Ms. Quillen is also the founder and owner of Lady of the Net Productions (web design/hosting service), publisher of the eBook Ecstasy newsletter, moderator of the online authors email list, member of Ardeon, Authors Den, SFF Net, EPPRO, Digital Women and Phenomenal Women of the Web. She shares the knowledge and experience gleaned from her internet endeavors in her non-fiction book, Practical Tips for Online Authors


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