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Lida E. Quillen



As publisher of an ezine and owner of an epublishing house, I am enthusiastic about writing opportunities on the web. In upcoming columns, I will give you info on various writer email lists, genre specific sites, online communities, paying markets, professional organizations and sites of general interest along with advice on writing and publishing.

New authors just like you are building their writing careers solely on the web every day. In "Practical Tips for Online Authors," you'll find listings of writers' groups for support and critiques, you'll learn how to submit stories to ezines in order to polish your craft, send submissions via email and locate an epublisher for your first novel.

For published authors, I will also cover more advanced publishing methods such as how to create an email newsletter or on-line magazine (ezine), how to build your own author web site from the ground up and how to self-publish your novels.


  Read the complete Intro and recommended web sites.

  Ezine Submissions

  Create an Online Magazine

  How to advertise your ebooks on the net



Note: "Intro and web sites" is an excerpt from the Forward to Practical Tips for Online Authors published by Twilight Times Books. Copyright 2000 Lida E. Quillen. Re-printed by permission of the author.




  About the author

Lida E. Quillen is the author of a non-fiction book, Practical Tips for Online Authors

Owner/Publisher of Twilight Times Publications

Publisher of Paladin Timeless Books.

Moderator of online authors email list

Member of Phenomenal Women of the Web.





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