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Our featured writer for the October issue of Twilight Times is Ms. Frances Sonnabend. Her children's story "Whistle" appeared in Cricket magazine this fall and was her first pro publication. After you read her stories, you'll see why Frances is breaking into the pro markets.
Night Terrors DF -- (16k)
Mindless Rabid Fan Humor -- (12k)

Prolific writer and editor Steve Lazarowitz is back again with the conclusion of "Sea Trap" and a new story. Steve was recently added to the Fine Writers of the Web Showcase and should have an anthology of his works published by Net Novels soon.

Sea Trap - Part II. SF -- (29k)
Music to My Ears F -- (52k)

Author Jennifer Dunne is moving up in the literary world. Her novel Raven's Heart will be available in November and she was on a SF panel at Albacon this month. She's been invited to attend an information forum of SF/F and horror activists at the Library of Congress. Yes, the one in D. C.
The Cost of Youth. SF -- (8k) [Ed. note - graphic language]

Noel Ace brought along her own illustrator; combined with a great story was an offer I couldn't refuse.
"Desert Drip" DF -- (17k)(illo - Arretche)

Writer Dan Dobbs has been patiently waiting since June for his story to appear.
"These Dreams of You" Dark SF -- (26k)

H. Turnbull Smith wrote a bio that made me laugh and I was tempted to accept his story on the spot, but I took time to actually read the story.
"The Prophetic Monkey" F -- (17k)

Writer Will Sand is back with a short story
"The Float" -- F (18k)

DiAnne didn't list any publishing credits, so I hope this is her first. We like to present talented new writers and even underpublished writers.
"Cookies for Caleb" DF -- (28k)

Publisher Lida Quillen
A Life's Work SF/F -- (32k)

L. E. Wylde
The Weirding of Sgt. John DF -- (k) [Ed. note: explicit language]



Our featured artist is Jeffrey K. Bedrick who graciously gave permission for this special feature. Custom photographic prints of his original paintings are available. Tell him Lida sent you.

Angel in Blue (51k)

Asylum (20k)
"Asylum" is featured in this year's Spectrum book of fantasy art.

Dreamflight (76k) [Ed. note - nudity]

Elysium (66k)

Artist Don Davis served as a consultant for the galaxy scenes in the movie Contact.

Cruising over Titan" (55k)

Graphic Artist Dee Dreslough

ShadowBeast (30k)



Our featured poet is Keryth "Uillean Emancoll Duir "

Lonely Faery (illo - Bedrick)

Freelance writer Arlene Ang lives in the Philippines and translates Italian poetry. TT is acquiring an international flavor. Poet Vania Berti

Appearance - English
Apparenza - Italian

Poet Gabriella Gavioli

Not Anymore - English
NON E' PIU - Italian

Poet Luciano Rossi
God is only a Question of Mathematics - English
Dio E' Solo Questione di Matematica - Italian

Poetry Editor Penny Hussey
The Death

Poet and Graphic Arts Editor Joni Latham
The Gift



We're delighted to present esteemed novelist Rosemary Edghill in our published author feature. Ms. Edghill is a master storyteller who is published in several genres.
Featured Author

An article by novelist Astrid Cooper
Commentary on FF&P Markets and Vampires.

An article by novelist Jane Harrison
on FF&P Markets in Romance.

Articles by our Non-Fiction Editor, Kate Strong
on Halloween in October?.
and A Southern Hemisphere Journey

In her web debut, an article from writer Trisha Lazarus
on Runes and creativity.

Introducing fine writer Sheryl Allen, who shares with us a mystical journey into the way of the Shadowkind. (illo - Dreslough)

"A woman has the power of the universe, if she would but choose to use it."

Lida E. Quillen.


A special note to TT readers. All contents of this premiere issue are copyright by the writers and artists. If you discover any artwork or writing published here elsewhere on the internet, or in print magazines, please let us know immediately. The staff of Twilight Times feels very strongly about protecting the copyrighted work of contributors.




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