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Guest of a Ghost


Renee Belden



I suppose if you must live with a ghost
you should treat him as a humble host
Grant him a room at the top of the stairs
So he may attend to his ghostly affairs
Always invite him when the family gathers
To reminisce about life's little pleasures
If there is dancing you can assume
He has the lightest feet in the room
That strong gust of wind is him chasing after
Children at play and bursting with laughter
I suppose if a ghost is haunting your house
He knows the home better than any mouse
He probably built it with his own hands
Or maybe he's buried right where it stands
He might have lost his true love in this place
He still sees visions of her lovely face
He might be unsure of his destiny
or trying to complete a grand symphony
I suppose if your ghost insists he will stay
The house will always be haunted this way
You must forgive him for the occasional fright
And don't be alarmed by bumps in the night
Whenever you have some time to spare
research your ghost to show him you care
Find out if you can be of assistance
Don't take offense if he puts up resistance
Always allow him the freedom to roam
And never forget your a guest in his home




Author Bio

Renee Belden is an aspiring poet, and science fiction writer. She has recently published her first book of poetry for children. She lives in Northern Michigan with her husband, son, two dogs, a cat, and some chickens. Her goal in life is sustainability, off the grid living.

Renee has a new release, Children of Tomorrow.

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"Guest of a Ghost" Copyright © 2015 Renee Belden. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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