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Chaos Asunder


Shawn P. Madison



With the moon fully risen
Casting shadows below
The fires from battle
Burned blue against snow

The spirits of warriors
Looked on with blank faces
No hint of their deaths
In their milky white eyes
As they moved in slow paces
Toward the bridge rising high

No sound reached their ears
As each step they climbed true
No screams of the stricken
No peals of great thunder
As this army of heroes, no few,
Of great number, gazed down
On the fury of chaos asunder

No weapons in hand
No pain and no worries
Just spirits of warriors
Climbing higher than high
No more duty's demand
On these soldiers of fury
As they made their way solemn
Through the darkening sky

On a bridge to the heavens
Made of smoky white cloud
Climbed an infinite number
Of the strong and the proud




Author Bio

Shawn P. Madison, creator of the Guarder/U.E.N. Universe, currently lives in the beautiful Garden State of New Jersey with his wife and a veritable cornucopia of kids. Although he has written in many different genres, he tends to write mostly science fiction and horror. He has published more than eighty short stories in thirty different magazines and anthologies, both electronic and print. His first novel, Guarder Lore, was released by NovelBooks, Inc. in March of 2002, the follow-up novel, The Guarder Factor, was released by NovelBooks, Inc. in November of 2003 and his collection of short Horror Fiction, The Road to Darkness, was released by Double Dragon Publishing ( ) in April of 2003. You can reach Shawn via e-mail at:





"Chaos Asunder" Copyright © 2015 Shawn P. Madison. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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