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Enchantress of Dreams


Linda Ruzicka



The man slumps exhausted,
head dropped on the table
moans escape his sleep
papers in tangled disarray
wondrous lyrics, ink barely dry

Sibilant whispers in his ear
silent to all others
entice, entreat and cajole
urging him ceaselessly onward
his Enchantress of Dreams

Radiantly beautiful to her lover,
her arms wind around him
seduced by her powerful charms
pushed beyond all endurance
he is left with unbearable longing

She will ever inspire genius
the depth of emotion she evokes
within the man she takes claim,
a dangerous and lethal combination
as she lays waste to his body and soul




Author Bio

Linda Lee Ruzicka is a writer of fiction, poetry and short stories and have been for over 10 years. She has had poetry published in Twilight Times, Dark Krypt, Fables, Descending Darkness, Writing Village, and the June Cotner anthologies, "House Blessings". and "Garden Blessings". She has had short stories published in The Grit, and Reminisce as well as had a story published in the book, Haunted Encounters: Friends and Family. She freelances from her office which is located in the mountains of western Pennsylvania.

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"Enchantress of Dreams" Copyright © 2015 Linda Ruzicka. All rights reserved.
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