George Frederic Watts


The Morrigan


Julie Shiel




She carries death
on blue-black wings,
heavy with bloody prophesy
and the sheen of superstition,
and she divines madness
with the softness
of feathered rush.

The stars are collapsing
in her avian eyes,
silenced in ebon flurry
of moon-slicked wings,
lost in primeval mythos
of her sacred birth.

She is the Phantom Queen,
and under a dawning twilight,
she cries destruction
with the cawing voice of crows,
and casts skeletal runes
across the indistinct sky
into circular patterns
of blood-soaked fertility.



Author Bio

Julie Shiel lives in Maryland with three spoiled cats and three mischievous sugar gliders. Her work appears in over 100 magazines and anthologies including Flesh & Blood, EOTU, Penumbric, Aoife's Kiss, Dark Krypt and many others. Her poetry collections, aptly titled Disturbed and Psychoentropy are available through The Genre Mall or through Project Pulp.

If you'd like to comment on her work, her website is located at or you can email her at julie_shiel @

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"The Morrigan" Copyright © 2004 Julie Shiel. All rights reserved.
Previously published in Aoife's Kiss March 2004. Re-printed by permission of the author.


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