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Circle of Light


Linda Ruzicka



Silvery fingers of moonlight
touching my face gently
awakening the solitary self within
Rising, feeling the pull
of She who is waiting, beckoning
with the age old calling
Slipping into the garden, silently
following the well worn path
stepping into the Circle of Light

Raising my arms to the glowing orb
chanting, the power surge jolts
in answer to Her summons
Breezes ruffle my hair
as the night peepers give voice,
nature at her full throated chorus
Silvery fingers of moonlight
touching my face gently, then
all is quiet, all is serene




Author Bio

Linda Ruzicka is fifty years old, married, with a fourteen-year old daughter. She lives in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania with her family and three dogs and a cat. She is working on a children's book. She also writes short stories as well as her poetry.

She is presently at the end of a two-year course in writing for children. She has completed a course on writing for Greeting Cards and started a course in Adult Writing. She has also completed a course in Personal Experience writing.

Seven of Linda's poems have been published in Twilight Times. Four poems have been published in The Dark Krypt. Linda has a poem in the June Cotner anthology series "House Blessings" (published May '04). There is another one coming out in the June Cotner book Garden Blessings due in the Spring of'05. She has a poem in Fables in the Winter '04 issue. She also has a short story coming out in the book Haunted Encounters: Family and Friends by Atriad Press at this year.

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"Circle of Light" Copyright © 2004 Linda Ruzicka. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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