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My Night Garden


Julie Shiel




The garden whispers
in the darkness,
shudders with the symphony
of screaming mandrake
and pallid vines
shivering at my
murmuring voice,
yearning for my
enigmatic blood.

Here grows deadly nightshade,
night-blooming jasmine,
monkshood and rue,
and moonflowers with albino eyes
searching in the silvered light,
as midnight roses
feed from my life
slowly dripping
into blackened soil.

In the foxglove lives
the darkly fae as they
perform their furtive rituals,
and dryads languish
in curve of oak
while weeping willows
drip their strange madness
over this pentacled garden
of the moon.

I speak the secret language
of plants,
call reluctant spirits
with the incense
of the dead,
and dance and dream
with the shadows
of the lost
under a sanguine moon.



Author Bio

Julie Shiel lives in Maryland with two very spoiled cats. Her work appears in various magazines and anthologies including Flesh & Blood, Brutarian,, Aoife's Kiss, Champagne Shivers, EOTU, Side Show, Dust Devil, Rogue Worlds and many others.

Her first poetry collection, titled Disturbed, is available through or on Project Pulp (

Visit Julie's web site.

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"My Night Garden" Copyright © 2004 Julie Shiel. All rights reserved.
Previously published in Flesh and Blood. Re-printed by permission of the author.


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