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The Changling


Julie Shiel




She was born of the darkness, a changeling child,
innocence laughing and fleeting wild,
as she ran through the shadows of forest at night,
danced in the faery ring under pale moonlight.
She sang to the fae under cover of trees,
and hid in the whisper of night's lonely breeze,
as she summoned the spirits of faery and elf
and the ghost of the God of the Woods himself.
All of them danced in the star's silver shine,
and toasted the sweetness of forest and vine,
the changeling, torn between human and fae,
laughed with the Sidhe until dim light of day.
When daylight arrived she returned to mundane,
to a mortal life fraught with sorrow and pain,
but one night the moon rose high in the skies,
and the changeling child ran to where the faery ring lies.
She feasted with faeries and danced with the faun,
made love with the Green Man and sang until dawn,
when the moonlight waned, she said worldly goodbyes,
and the changeling abandoned her last mortal ties.
Her body was found by the moon's silver sheen,
twisted and broken in a woody ravine.
There she had taken her last earthly breath,
and traded imaginations for death.



Author Bio

Julie Shiel lives in Maryland with two very spoiled cats. Her work appears in various magazines and anthologies including Flesh & Blood, Brutarian,, Aoife's Kiss, Champagne Shivers, EOTU, Side Show, Dust Devil, Rogue Worlds and many others.

Her first poetry collection, titled Disturbed, is available through or on Project Pulp (

Visit Julie's web site.

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