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Artist Bio

For over 20 years, Jeffrey K. Bedrick has produced art in a wide variety of genres and media, however his most popular work may be best described as Mythical Romanticism.

Moving freely between fine art and commercial art, he has done conceptual illustration and design for feature films, television, the stage, advertising, print, computer games and the internet. His fantastic paintings have been published in countless forms including gift cards, posters, limited edition prints, books, magazines, puzzles and other collectibles. Notable projects include background art for animated features, The Little Mermaid II, Fern Gully II, Dudley Do-Right, many TV commercials; digital art for scores of interactive media titles; numerous book illustrations including a children's book Weather for Doubleday; 3D design for Cybertown - The Sci-fi Community of the Future. Corporate collections include The San Francisco Opera, Pacific Telesis, Mazda, Proctor & Gamble, and GTE. He is listed in 2000 Outstanding Artists & Designers of the 20th Century.



"Equinox" copyright © 1993 by Jeffrey K. Bedrick


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