A Thawing of Ghosts


Ann K. Schwader



No common autumn phantoms, nor the pale
Drab denizens of winter walk tonight
Beneath rain-shrouded skies. The moon's drowned light
Reveals them almost human in details
Of dress & hair: no rags, no matted manes
Combed sparse by time. Their footsteps, from the sound,
Have bypassed heaven & assault the ground
With force akin to flesh. Akin to pain.

Moist April raises revenants like weeds
Choking unquiet ground, unhallowed graves,
Until truth shrieks aloud -- or in the minds
Of those who seek to leave some past behind,
Forgetting springtime's providence which saves
Green evidence within each secret seed.



Author Bio

Ann K. Schwader is an active member of both SFWA and HWA. Her new chapbook of horror & dark SF verse, Architectures of Night, is available now from Dark Regions Press. Strange Stars & Alien Shadows, her first dark fiction collection, will be published in eBook & POD versions this fall by Lindisfarne Press.

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"A Thawing of Ghosts" Copyright © 2003 Ann K. Schwader. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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