Mr. Frost


Nancy Bennett




In the lighting shades of green fluid flows
a stark vision of death, autumn embers left on leaves.
Quiet now, weep not, become not bent and brittle
soon sunlight will pierce through, warming your soul
and a last moment of living
will embrace you...

Gather as I do, sweet life's harvest before the icy fingers
cook the life from the reddened wild apples.
Before the blackberries find their thorny edges leave no protection
from a cruel autumn God..

For such a man is Autumn, chilly in his approach
he offers gifts of heavenly colour and coats the branches
with icy diamonds.

Only the evergreen forewarned, keeps herself
cloaked in slick green needles and though he tries
to hold her close, she sheds his touch and leaves him
dripping and puddled by her feet..




Author Bio

Nancy Bennett is a practising Pagan and a founding member of HAGS ( Honourable Aging Goddess Society.)





"Mr. Frost" Copyright © 2002 Nancy Bennett. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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