Gigantic Opals


Michael Fantina


Gigantic opals, each a milky moon,
Roll from the rosewood table to the floor,
Rest on a carpet loomed in Singapore,
Pool in a pile like some white, tiny dune.
The singing harp bleats out her elfin tune,
Her sculpted figure brimming with allure.
The iron hinges jerk, shut fast the door,
Obeying the old mage’s mumbled rune.

A conjured girl sits in the carved oak chair.
Her silky legs are long, and longer yet,
Her huge eyes, like green beryls, deeply set,
Highlight the beauty of her sable hair.
Her breasts heave in a long and humming sigh,
The mage perceives the lust within her eye.




Author Bio

Michael Fantina has had a great deal of poetry published over the past twenty years, in Canada, the U. S. and in the United Kingdom. Most recently his work has appeared in The Lyric, The New Formalist and the last several issues of Candelabrum Poetry Magazine in the UK.





"Gigantic Opals" Copyright © 2001 Michael Fantina . All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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