Black Pearls


Michael Fantina


Agates, black pearls and prismed quartz were laid
In splendid settings fit for some queen’s throat.
Fine ermine for a cloak or royal coat,
Trailed down its hanger in a plush cascade.
Carved rings of soapstone and a pale green jade
Were mined in mythic lands in days remote,
Transported by long caravan and boat
Down this long hall, across the esplanade.

Now dust clouds swirl within these vaulted halls,
While hungry rats retrace the paths of kings
And hanging from the gargoyled, castle walls
Are sleeping bats wrapped round in huge barbed wings.
Long lost and long forgotten is that fate,
That made this place so drear and desolate.




Author Bio

Michael Fantina has had a great deal of poetry published over the past twenty years, in Canada, the U. S. and in the United Kingdom. Most recently his work has appeared in "The Lyric", "The New Formalist" and the last several issues of "Candelabrum Poetry Magazine" in the UK.





"Black Pearls" Copyright © 2001 Michael Fantina . All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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