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Trisha Lazarus

Note from Publisher: I'm always on the lookout for talented writers and artists on the internet. Ms. Lazarus mentioned on the Romance Foretold email list she was a weekend mystic and that she uses runes to help her writing when she is blocked. I wanted to learn more about this new aid to creativity.


I would be glad to answer any of your questions about Runes that I can, but I am far from an expert, however. I have been using Runes for about two years now and I enjoy using them to focus my thoughts. I often use them as a writing tool, to help my creativity to flow.

I have cast Runes for a writing exercise for the MMRWA Retreat from Harsh Reality, and I often use them when I am stuck with stubborn characters who refuse to do anything. I use a three Rune cast symbolizing situation, agent of change, and conclusion or result. Then I write a scene putting my characters in that situation and quite often the writing starts to stream along again.

Here is an example from the Retreat:
This scene involves the hero's challenge -- in a Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal (FF&P) novel.
I cast three runes with this in mind.

The Situation: Rune drawn, Perdhro
    Rune of mystery, hidden things, secrets. There is an unearned gain of money or a gift. Carefully look at the motives behind it.

The Agent of Change: Rune drawn, Hagall
    This rune indicates interruptions, limitations and delays. There are forces at work beyond your control.

The Conclusion: Rune drawn, Lagaz
    Feminine intuition becomes extremely high here, almost psychic. This rune represents the heroine. She gets sympathy and help from others.

As you can see, there are many ways a writer could go with this reading, and though it is simple and not really specific, one gets a great deal of direction from it. There is a sort of freedom in letting go and opening up to the suggestions in the reading. If the scene stinks, well, just blame it on the Runes! No pressure there!

There are as many interpretations of the symbols of the Futhark as there are "experts" who write about them. I got my favorite interpretation from a little book posted as freeware to the Net. If anyone wants historical facts about Runes, I am not the best resource. I have read background information, but most of my interest is in the everyday use one can get.

I do know that many peoples used Runes to explain the unexplainable. Runes were also used by Seers to focus what I believe were their extrasensory abilities. In any case, Runes are an interesting tool and an enjoyable pastime. Have fun with them. Here are a couple of sites that will show you some of the different Rune interpretations.
TAN Production - Magic Runes
The Enchanted Glyph - Index
This is a really great site for tyros to get their feet wet in Rune lore and casting.

There are many more out there. Have fun and explore.

Trisha Lazarus

Author Bio

Patricia Lazarus is a member of MMRWA in Michigan. She is a weekend mystic and enjoys using Runes to help her write when she is blocked. She writes Fantasy and SF romance, and loves to read same.

Her stories involve alternate worlds and whole new worlds. She includes sorcery and swordplay, technostuff and medieval-type societies. She loves using extrasensory talents and fabulous beasts in her tales. Or fabulous tails on her beasts.


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