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Golden Glory


Linda Ruzicka



Rising to the melancholy call
of the early mourning dove,
I watch the mist ascending across the river,
reminisce of ancient spirits visiting
from another place and time
Breezes whisper among the trees
the dry rustling of leaves
murmuring quietly to one another,
seemingly spectators without participation,
standing aloft in their haughtiness
Clouds on the horizon, red then pink
reflecting within the radiance
a spectrum of nature's beauty
in a blaze of golden glory
the rising sun encompasses all

I stand in awe.....




Author Bio

Linda Ruzicka is fifty years old, married, with a fourteen-year old daughter. She lives in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania with her family and three dogs and a cat. Linda works as a floral designer in a shop specializing in European flower arrangement.

She is presently involved in a two-year course in writing for children. She has completed a course on writing for Greeting Cards and started a course in Adult Writing. She has also completed a course in Personal Experience writing. Four of Linda's poems have been published in The Dark Krypt with a poem in the current issue. Linda also has a poem in the June Cotner anthology series "Housewarming" (published May '04) and another poem will appear in Fables Winter "04 issue.

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"Golden Glory" Copyright © 2004 Linda Ruzicka. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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