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A New Day


Linda Ruzicka



Golden shadows fill the sky,
shimmering diamonds blazing
on the gentle wave tipped water,
mountains, shapeless in the mist

Alone I sit, contemplating,
the sunrise brings a new day
a sense of serenity, of peace
fills my empty and weary soul

The longing for the unknown,
the unrest, the discord, the discontent
all is put to rest, joyfully
I raise my face to the sun




Author Bio

Linda Ruzicka is fifty years old, married, with a fourteen-year old daughter. She lives in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania with her family and three dogs and a cat. Linda works as a floral designer in a shop specializing in European flower arrangement.

She is presently involved in a two-year course in writing for children. She has completed a course on writing for Greeting Cards and started a course in Adult Writing. She has also completed a course in Personal Experience writing. Four of Linda's poems have been published in The Dark Krypt with a poem in the current issue. Linda also has a poem in the June Cotner anthology series "Housewarming" (published May '04) and another poem will appear in Fables Winter "04 issue.

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"A New Day" Copyright © 2004 Linda Ruzicka. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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