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Linda Ruzicka




The pine tree, gazing downward
at it's magnified reflection
in the placidly running water
stretching as if to touch the surface
Fish, iridescently gold and white,
floating near the calm surface
leaving a trail of silvery bubbles
shimmering in their slow wake
Bleached sand, contours outlined
a pleasing shape to the eye,
boulders on which to sit while
contemplating the gentle beauty
A moments pause, thoughtful,
gathering all which is awry
within the center of the soul
finding a deep sense of tranquility




Author Bio

Linda Ruzicka is forty-nine years old, married, with a thirteen-year old daughter. She lives in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania with her family and three dogs and a cat. Linda works as a floral designer in a shop specializing in European flower arrangement.

She is presently involved in a two-year course in writing for children. She is also finshing up a course in writing for Greeting Cards. Linda has four poems being published in upcoming issues of The Dark Krypt.





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