The Gift

Blue Unicorn

Memories of that first night remain so clear
Arriving on gossamer wing, you teased me
Taunted me with promises of a new life
You floated lightly above me
Just out of my reach, out of my world.

Reaching down, you touched my cheek
Part of me wanted to run
But, another wanted to stay
Helpless before you, I only stared
Trapped in hypnotic orbs of azure.

You offered me eternal life
I was lost in your meaning
Lost in the darkness of your gift
A hint of white sharpened fang,
And your gift was clear.

I wanted to be yours, completely
I stretched, trying to touch you
Trying to grasp your hand in mine
You smiled and drifted down to me
Down within my reach, within my world.

You slowly caressed my bare shoulders,
Sweeping the hair aside, exposing soft flesh
I did not move, could not move
A flash of white pearl
And, the me that was, was no more.


Author Bio

Joni says that her imagination has kept her company all her life. She remembers putting herself to sleep at night by telling herself stories. This may have stemmed from her mother reading to her every night and her father taking over after her mother died. They say that reading to your children spawns a love of reading and writing, and Joni supposes that she is living proof.

Although she tried writing in high school, Joni did not write her first novel until 1995. Since then there have been 2 novels, many short stories, and many more poems.

Her work has been showcased in Nightstalker: Land of Eternal Night, TimeWinder, Eternity, Angel Web, and Writer's Block.

She hopes to one day, not necessarily have a bestseller, but to be able to eke out a small living at writing.

-- Blue Unicorn




"The Gift" Copyright © 1998 Joni Latham. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.
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