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Pass Through the Gate... There is a Fountain


Philip Reyth



Built long ago for the race of men, there in a rocky crag in a distant mountain,
Is a narrow pass that leads to a gate that is guarded by a gauntlet of evil.
The guards allow one to enter, inhibiting them by their doubting harassment
For those that would dare to enter through the narrow gate.
On the other side of the gate, there lies a fountain nestled between two trees,
Where every weary warrior may drink his fill and be renewed.
The waters of the fountain holds great magic, a warrior gains everlasting strength,
Where armor once submerged would make the wearer nearly invulnerable.

Where every submerged sword becomes a weapon of power and living flame.
Where every war hammer could smash stones into pieces in a single blow.
Where there was fear, now there is courage and where there was anger,
Now there is a life of peace, passion, honor and valor.
Once a warrior drinks, the magic waters will make no mortal greater than they,
Daemons and Baalroggs will not grip their hearts with instant fear.
Orcs and Goblins will seem like snarling dogs and not as fierce and savage,
Because of the brightness of the enchanted waters within the warrior.

Giants will fall before the mighty man. Dragons could be vanquished
By the sword of power and the courage in the warriors heart.
They will rule kingdoms, living in great palaces and made Kings. The waters of the
Fountain will well up within them, flowing out to all their subjects.

The Great Mage goes throughout the realm preparing the way by his great power.
His magic making the two trees thrive, its leaves fall to heal the kingdoms.
Their land will be blessed with prosperity and fruitfulness. Nurturing rains will shower
Upon their kingdoms and peace will reign like in the times of Avalon.




Author Bio

Philip Reyth is from Tucson, Arizona. Loves the desert and mountains, but not the million people. He now resides in a small town with his beautiful wife and two boys in the High Sierras in Nevada near Lake Tahoe. Oh, we can't forget their cat Shalom, he would never forgive us. The slower pace of life enables him to concentrate on his sole passion of writing. Taking it beyond just a hobby.

He has appeared with legendary writers; Ramsey Campbell, Paul DiFillipo and Joe R. Lansdale and has published at least 20 poems and 14 short stories. Some notable publications; The Pedestal Magazine's 'Political Anthology,' Simulacrum Magazine Anniversary Issue , Gryphonwood Magazine, Nth Degree Magazine, Revolution SF where he is archived between Winston Churchill, Edgar Allen Poe and Ambrose Bierce. Forth coming in Astropoetica, Gryphonwood Magazine, Writers Post Journal and in the June 2005 issue of AOIFE's Kiss Magazine.

His goal is to publish his first Speculative Fiction novel of a trilogy. His ultimate goal is to make a film adaptation of his novels. To write the screenplay, direct and act in it. Philip would make a great villain. Here is his home page address that links all of his publications:

For correspondence with Philip, please e-mail to





"Pass Through the Gate..." Copyright © 2005 Philip Reyth. All rights reserved.
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