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Fitting In


Heather Heyser



Travel down the road...
notice you've been here before,
another time, another place.

See an Old, Ancient Tree
That you have shared time with.
You try to sit with the Tree,
but find where there was acceptance before....
there is none now.

Walking down a dust covered street...
shivering in the cold.
Ignoring the simple fact of Darkness.
Ignoring the Hurt you feel.

Sitting in Silence
trying to listen to the world...
to yourself....
to your loved ones....

Hearing nothing but the wind...and ice.
Starting to feel ice with in your blood.
Fearing the start of an Age.

Sitting, Listening...wandering around aimlessly.
Trying to fit.




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"Fitting In" Copyright © 2005 Heather Heyser. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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