A Fairy Tale is Born


Terry Lowenstein




Wrapped in a shroud of mist
ancient conifers hid the portcullis,
stars whispered,
the earth smiled,
even the moon joined the conspiracy,
when it reclined behind clouds.

And for a while
the gods looked the other way
as star-crossed lovers
violated hidebound laws,
and partook of ephemeral pleasures,
the parting in the morn
penance enough.

The sun rose,
golden tresses uncoiled.
A silken rope was lowered.
A fairy tale is born.


Author Bio

Terry Lowenstein is poetry editor for Twilight Times . She also serves as a contributing editor for Lotus Blooms Journal and in 2004 will join the staff of Adagio Verse Quarterly as a poetry reviewer. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband, two daughters and two cats, Dickens and Emerson. A well-published writer, her day job is writing magazine and newspaper articles that include personal essays, travel articles and book reviews.

Terry's work appears in numerous anthologies, journals, ezines, magazines and newspapers throughout the United States and internationally, including Triplopia, Wicked Alice, The Bohemian Rag, The Baroque Review, VLQ, Vermont Ink, Iodine, muse apprentice guild, Blackmail Press, Poems Niederngasse, The Maxis Review and The Writer's Hood.

Recently she was chosen as one of three poets to be featured in a special issue of Lotus Blooms Journal Private Showing and was among the ten finalists for the December NCAP competition. Additional Lowenstein work will soon be released in two anthologies: "Three Chord Poems" by Deep Cleveland Press and "The Best of Fables" by Zumaya Publications.

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"A Fairy Tale is Born" Copyright © 2002 Terry Lowenstein. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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