Between Sword and Sea


Mario J. Torres


Cruel haunted ghosts chase me
from an island with no mercy;
I need a fright to scare them
Invisible cold snowmen freeze me
in a land with no place;
I need a flame to melt them
I'm grounded in the depth of my surface
My body is an urgent complaint
and my soul hides in a dry cloud
I'm buried above the ground
where my life burns in centuries of slow fire
My skin is lower, absent
and is feeling the loneliness
of thousands of unknown stars
My tongue can't match its own sound
in a crowded and timeless desert
I am surrounded by plastic eyes
and frozen voices smiling unreal words
that slide past me without touching me;
I'm not true, not any more.





  Author Bio

Mario J. Torres was born in Cuba but has been living in the USA with his wife and three boys for five years now. He taught English as a foreign language in Cuba for more than thirty years and now he still teaches English to hispanic students in Miami, Florida. Mario recently wrote a book on the situation of Cuba called "The Truth about Cuba" motivated by the lack of knowledge and false information American people have on Cuba and its real situation. He has also written more than a hundred poems on other topics.





"Between Sword and Sea" 2004 Mario J. Torres. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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