Cavern of Deceit


Linda Ruzicka



Wandering along the overgrown path
lost in the inky darkness,
the traveler pauses wearily
cursing the fates, the starless night
Beyond, a cavern opening looms
promise of shelter for the exhausted man,
deceiving in it's barren hospitality
misleading among the wavering shadows
Entering the passageway, senses disoriented
a faint glow beckons, glimmering
the light almost in reach
warmth sought, hopefully found

Deep within the cave's bowels
a dreadful slithering is heard
tail rattling, a slow death watch
an unearthly, chilling sound
At the corridor's end, she waits
eerily beautiful of face, fair skin
atop smoothly scaled body
writhing serpent hair, entwining, hissing

Turning the corner, he stumbles upon her
drawn by her unworldly beauty
as he is repulsed by her hideousness,
he steps forward slowly, powerless
Flinching, he stares into her eyes
molten gold, depthless, without soul;
as he feels his body turning into stone,
one lone tear glistens on her cheek




Author Bio

Linda Ruzicka is forty-nine years old, married, with a thirteen-year old daughter. She lives in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania with her family and three dogs and a cat. Linda works as a floral designer in a shop specializing in European flower arrangement.

She is presently involved in a two-year course in writing for children. She has completed a course on writing for Greeting Cards and started a course in Adult Writing. Two of Linda's poems currently appear in The Dark Krypt with three more poems to be published in upcoming issues.

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"Cavern of Deceit" Copyright © 2004 Linda Ruzicka. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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