Kathy Balilo


O chained maiden
of the twilight
held captive by the manacles
of maternal vanity
and Poseidon's rage,
aren't we all drunkards
intoxicated by self-worship?
This is the price you pay
for the burden of beauty's curse
to Cassiopeia's ego:
a bloody self-sacrifice.

But in the end
exists redemption.
Once at the mercy
of a godís whim,
you are saved by
Perseusí compassion
for your naÔve charms.

Ages later, it is etched
in the vast oblivion
of the night sky
for all the world to see,
the tragic irony:
beauty that was damning,
beauty that once lit the fuse
of a god's explosive fury
is what set you free
in the end.





  Author Bio

Kathy Balilo is budding poet, ballet enthusiast and aspiring rock star residing in the outskirts of San Diego, CA.





"Andromeda" 2004 Kathy Balilo. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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