Vampire's Garden


Wendy M. Peterson




There is a garden
where very few can roam,
a winter garden not very far from home.
Come closer,
I am alone.

Go past cobwebs glisíning like grey ghosts.
Come closer,
you're the one I want the most.

Go through the gloaming
into my garden of ice and snow,
blooming with rich roses, velvety black and red,
each with perfume of love and the dead.

As I sleep below the roses
loneliness has leached my skin and veins,
I need the love that ebbs and flows
or I will go insane!
Just a sip from your succulent breast
will free me from the pain.

Dig deep beneath the thorny layers
and feed me from your heart
then we can share the midnight hours
and know my magic art.

How I hunger and thirst for your love!
Just a smear will give me power
to become a god again.
Without it I will fade away
like a rose at summer's end.

Come closer,
we are alone...




Author Bio

Living in Australia near a beautiful bay beach, Wendy has the perfect setting to write her ocean fantasy stories like The Tail Of The Sea Witch and Ocean Fairies. Her large, untended garden provides the perfect ambience for her more gothic stories, Winter Roses and Bewitched and Enchanted. (Vampire's Garden is taken from Winter Roses.)

Wendy is a composer as well as a writer and with the collaboration of several US composers her stories have been broughtto life musically -and visually with sumptuous illustrations by Ardy Scott.

The Tail Of The Sea Witch was published by Twilight Times Books last year as a beautiful multimedia book that was given several awards. Bewitched and Enchanted and Ocean Fairies will soon be available through Twilight Times Books, also, as exciting multimedia books.

Wendy has been writing children's stories and musical plays for nearly twenty years. Her aim is to create stories and music that uplift the spirit, enchant the senses and inspire the mind by taking the reader beyond the limitations of mundane thinking into a more brilliant and exciting reality.

Visit Wendy's web site.

Read her author interview.





"Vampire's Garden" Copyright © 2003 Wendy M. Peterson. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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