Julie Shiel




I heard the moon call me,
and I woke you to follow her voice.
We followed it through black woods,
loud with unseen creatures
who yearned for the moon also,
and found her at shadowed beach
making love to the sea.
We climbed dark cliffs to be near her,
and feel her powdered touch
as she loved us with flowing fingers,
and I heard her maon from the night
in immortal ecstasy.
You stood on gnarled roots
that grew from the cliff wall,
and the moon changed you
into an Indian warrior,
with your eyes closed
and arms raised to her embrace.
I am an Elven hunter
tracking albino stag through living night,
and we followed the silvered trail
of stars to her,
and drowned in her beauty.




Author Bio

Julie Shiel lives in Maryland with two very spoiled cats. Her work appears in various magazines and anthologies including Flesh & Blood, Brutarian,, Aoife's Kiss, Champagne Shivers, EOTU, Side Show, Dust Devil, Rogue Worlds and many others.

Her first poetry collection, titled Disturbed, is available 2/1/03 through or on Project Pulp (

Visit Julie's web site.

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"Luna" Copyright © 2002 Julie Shiel. All rights reserved.
Previously published in Evernight. Re-printed by permission of the author.


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