The Stuff that Dreams are made of

The Stuff that Dreams are made of




Dark Angel


Annette Gisby




Does the dark scare you? Do you fear it?

I fear it, I've always feared it, but I yearn for it too.

It's only in the dark he comes to me, my dark angel.

It's only in the dark, he can touch me, he can make me his.

I yearn for him, for his touches, his caresses, his darkness.

It's only in the darkness of my dreams that he touches me.

I wake, disappointed that my dark angel isn't here with me.

I want to be in the dark with him.

But I have nightmares too.

That he isn't in the dark at all, but somewhere full of bright, white,
light that leaves him screaming and calling my name.

I try to answer, but no sound emerges and I wake, lying on an empty bed.

His bed.

My own has no comfort to offer me, it feels bare, barren.

I want my dark angel to hold me, to tell me everything is going to be all right, even if it isn't.

I need the reassurance of his arms around me, to hear him breathing next to me, to know he's okay.

But I won't know. I'll never know.

My dark angel has flown away, somewhere I can't follow.




Author Bio

Annette Gisby is the author of Silent Screams, a contemporary story full of family secrets and betrayals, available in ebook and print formats. Her new e-book, Shadows of the Rose, a short story and novella collection is out now from Double Dragon Publishing. Her work has also appeared in the science-ficiton anthology, "Alien Light" and she will have a story in the anthology, "Romancing the Soul", due out late this year or early next year.

Annette is also the editor of the Twisted Tales webzine and the assistant manager of NUW, an online group for independent authors.

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"Dark Angel" Copyright © 2002 Annette Gisby. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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