Fiction XXX

  Our featured authors for the October 2005 issue of Twilight Times:

Urse D'Abitot
"Brighton's Bride" -- SF/F (43k)

J. Richard Jacobs
"Presence" -- SF/F (19k)

Jennifer Schwabach
"Youth, Inc." -- SF/F (33k)

Jamison Wolf Villeneuve
"Bus of the Dead" -- SF/F (13k)

Catherine Chant
"Jake's Bar" -- SF/F (20k)

Jitka Saniova and Richard Brookes
"Kird-Arus" -- SF/F (17k)

Chris Bauer
"Professional Courtesy" -- F (10k)

Wade Kimberlin
"Steel Euthanasia" -- SF/F (68k)

Tade Thompson
"Wooing Ann Tailor" -- SF/F (34k)




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