Fiction XXVI

  Our featured authors for the October 2004 issue of Twilight Times:

Roger A. Jurack
"Cold Waters, Blood Sand" -- DF (19k)

Jamieson Wolf Villeneuve
"Crow Dreams Vibrant" -- DF (11k)

Cecilia Wennerström
"Deal!" -- Literary fantasy (21k)

L. L. Soares
"Electroshock Therapy" -- DF (23k)

Steve Lazarowitz
"Embracing Eternity" -- F (25k)

Jim Schicatano
"Hide-and-Seek" -- Suspense (17k)

Chris Russo
"Little Miss Seven Fingers" -- F (21k)

Ed Schubert
"Never Too Late Anymore" -- SF/F (19k)

Susan Cogan
"No Good Deed" -- DF (8k)

Melissa Mead
"On Her Own Two Feet" -- Magic Realism (8k)

S S Hampton Sr.
"The Rose" -- Military SF (31k)

Melanie Smith
"To Take a Stand" -- SF (15k)

Thomas Lera
"The Gathering of Friends" -- DF (8k)

Lisa von Biela
"The Scalpel's Path" -- DF (14k)

Scott Emerson Bull
"Twisted Fate" -- DF (24k)




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