Fiction XXV

  Our featured authors for the Summer 2004 issue of Twilight Times:

Jeanne Holtzman
"Ask Your Doctor" -- SF/F (38k)

Roger A. Jurack
"Artifical Horizon" -- SF (22k)


Susie Hawes
"Angelsong" -- F (11k)

Paul Stevenson
"My Friend April" -- F (13k)

Marie Haisan
"Danvers Academy" -- DF (21k)

Lisa von Biela
"Resolve" -- DF (24k)

Lee Pelham Cotton
"Star Bears" -- F (10k)

Abby Goldsmith
"The Blur" -- Magic realism (11k)

Lisa Clark
"The Problem of Temporal Displacement" -- SF (64k)

Greg Story
"Where the Delete Meet" -- SF/DF (28k)

Scott Leslie
"Zelda Loves Zeus" -- Mythic F (66k)




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Published by permission of the authors.


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