Fiction XXIV

  Our featured authors for the Spring 2004 issue of Twilight Times:

Nora M. Mulligan
"Escaping from Aliens" -- SF/F (28k)

Jonathan Laden
"Join Zercati" -- SF (20k)


Skeeze Whitlow
"Estrella" -- F (13k)

Valerie Frankel
"One Wish" -- F (14k)

Sherry L. Lind
"Spawn" -- F (15k)

SS Hampton Sr.
"Sir Guy" -- DF (14k)

John Darling
"The Power of Love" -- F (18k)

Simon Owens
"The Bickering of Stone" -- Mythic F (10k)

L. A. Story Houry
"The Legend of Nymph" -- F (15k)

Jamieson Wolf Villeneuve
"The Three Fates" -- F (14k)

Neil Burlington
"Whispers" -- SF/F (25k)




Stories Copyright © 2004 by the authors. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the authors.


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