Fiction XXII

  Our featured authors for the October 2003 issue of Twilight Times:

Jack Forge
"A Doll in the Garden" -- DF (25k)

Roger A. Jurack
"Downhill" -- DF (23k)

B. A. Booher
"Mr. Greeves" -- H (24k) [PG-13]

Nancy Bennett
"What Does Doris Know?" -- SF/F (22k)

Nancy Jackson
"What Goes Around, Comes Around" -- F (14k)

Steve Lazarowitz
"Rite of Passage" -- F (8k)

Jonathan Stark
"My Favorite Possession" -- DF (9k)

Bryan M. Otake
"The Storm" -- DF (9k)




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Published by permission of the authors.


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