Fiction XXI

  Our featured authors for the Summer 2003 issue of Twilight Times:

Anne K. Edwards
"Claret-Amerson Diamond Caper" -- Mystery (61k)

Scott Hancock
"Fruit of the Tree" -- F (45k)


Marcia Sacks
"Bifocals" -- SF/F (23k)

Mike Grist
"Fortune City" -- F (31k)

Tamara Wilhite
"Cathedral" -- SF (27k)

Mike Koenen
"Escape from Original City" -- SF/mystery (29k)

Greg Gunther
"For the Love of a Dog" -- SF/F (24k)

Laurie Tom
"I Can See the Earth" -- SF/F (15k)

Kelly McWilliams
"Midas" -- F (9k)




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Published by permission of the authors.


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