Fiction XX

  Our featured authors for the Spring 2003 issue of Twilight Times:

Mike Dunne
"The Fire of Iblis" -- Mythic fantasy (29k)

P. Lord
"Strains of Wagner" -- Magic realism (26k)


Barbara Davies
"Crying for the Moon" -- F (26k)

Kevin Anderson
"The Calling" -- DF (20k)

Edward C. Lynskey
"Hands of Mercedes" -- DF (16k)

H. Turnip Smith
"The Sacrificial Lamb" -- DF (20k) [PG-13]

Lee Pelham Cotton
"Tuyere" -- Fable (21k)


Short Fiction

Jonathan Lowe
"Lab Rats" -- SF (12k)

Michael Griffith
"The Three Dancers" -- F (13k)

Jim Schicatano
"A Horse, of Course?" -- F (14k) [PG-13]




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