"Angel in Blue"

by Jeffrey K. Bedrick ©1985

Lonely Faery

Uillean Emancoll Duir


I name this morning
The fading crescent moon heaves
   cool sighs as rain whispers ;
The cold water hurts my rose petaled skin
   pulling me from my fragrant nest .
Yet at night would I glisten
   within these dripping stars ?
Would I shine like the orb
   of the fullest moon?
The others cannot see me
   so I am alone under the rowan tree
   crying like the sky in November.
I would dance for them to the flute
   of the faery bard, but I am their
   phantom-- The ghost of their dreams and they
   refuse to let me exist.
And so I sit, wrapped in the cocoon of
my silky wings, embalmed in solitude.


Author Bio

Keryth aka "Uillean Emancoll Duir" My interest in fantasy fiction started when I was 13 after reading Ursela K. Le Guin's story "The Rule of Names" in my 8th grade literature book. I became entangled in the prose of many a Fantasy writer thereafter. I read Moorcock, Piers Anthony, Guy Garivel Kay, Steven Brust, as well as most of Ursela Le Guin's works.
When I was 16 I began on poetry which, to be brutally honest, only yielded one good poem. A teacher would later point out to one of my classes that most teenagers write poetry or prose but that it was most likely a phase everyone goes through. Naturally I was offended and set out to prove her wrong.
At 17 I dove into the realm of sword and sorcery writing. I reasoned, after reading a luke-warm novel, that surely I could do better. And to date ( I'm now 21 ) I have written at least 200 short stories in that realm, though none of them have been published. Also to date I have written 60 poems, three of which are being published in various anthologies.
I own 4 cats- Ryumyo, Ayesh, Morrolan, and Li-Li who always desire to help me write by stealing my pencils and laying on my notebook at moments of high inspiration.





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"Lonely Faery" Copyright © 1998 Keryth. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.
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