Our featured authors for the Halloween 2014 issue of Twilight Times:

Stephanie Gertsch
"Gates of Silver, Gates of Horn" -- Metaphysical fantasy (46k)

Barb Caffrey
"Baseball, Werewolves and Me" -- Fantasy (38k)

Cheryl Gray
"Hassayampa" -- Fantasy (25k)

Christine Amsden
"Betrayal" -- SF (24k)

Jonathan Persinger
"The Effortless Life of Paper" -- Fantasy (20k)


Short Fiction

Jeffery Scott Sims
"Beyond the Crossroads" -- Dark fantasy (18k)

Thomas Canfield
"Rhapsody in Grey" -- Fantasy (16k)



Our featured poets:

[Editor's note: still looking for a few good poems.]



Anne K. Edwards
"Are Muses Being Cheated?" -- F (6k)

Aaron Paul Lazar
"Blogging what's the big deal?" -- F (12k)



  A special note to TT readers. All contents of this issue are copyright by the writers and artists. If you discover any artwork or writing published here elsewhere on the internet, or in print magazines, please let us know immediately. The staff of Twilight Times feels very strongly about protecting the copyrighted work of contributors.




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