Our featured authors for the Summer 2003 issue of Twilight Times:

Anne K. Edwards
"Claret-Amerson Diamond Caper" -- Mystery (61k)

Scott Hancock
"Fruit of the Tree" -- F (45k)


Marcia Sacks
"Bifocals" -- SF/F (23k)

Mike Grist
"Fortune City" -- F (31k) [PG-13]

Tamara Wilhite
"Cathedral" -- SF (27k)

Mike Koenen
"Escape from Original City" -- SF/mystery (29k)

Greg Gunther
"For the Love of a Dog" -- SF/F (24k)


Short Fiction

Tina R. Brown
"Heart Licensing Bureau" -- F (16k)

Laurie Tom
"I Can See the Earth" -- SF/F (15k)

Kelly McWilliams
"Midas" -- F (9k)



Our featured artists are

the fantasy art of Jeffrey K. Bedrick

The Immortal Light (43k)
The Last Resort (81k)


Fantasy artist Ardy M. Scott
"Amue, Prince of Atlantis" (51k)
"The Thirteenth Magician" (64k)

Fantasy artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Dawn's Threshold (49k)
That Which is Sacred (88k)

Fantasy artist Krista A. Leemhuis
"Pyramids" (29k)
"Red Defender" (122k)

Fantasy artist Elena Morozov
"Forest" (62k)
"Magic Book" (45k)



Our featured poets:

Poet Linda Ruzicka
"Magnificent Splendor"

Poet Terry Lowenstein
"Forgotten Secrets"

Poet Nancy Bennett
"Veil Song"

Poet Micael Fantina
"The Kiss"
"The Silver Asp"

Poet Ann K. Schwader
"Obleisk in Exile"

Introducing Poet Anuradha Rao

Introducing Poet Greg Beatty



Why Authors Don't Market Their Books by Anthony Hernandez.

   Lida Quillen's infrequent column,
Practical Tips for Online Authors.
"How to Advertise Your Ebooks on the Net"



  A special note to TT readers. All contents of this issue are copyright by the writers and artists. If you discover any artwork or writing published here elsewhere on the internet, or in print magazines, please let us know immediately. The staff of Twilight Times feels very strongly about protecting the copyrighted work of contributors.


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