Dragon Dream
© Amy Brown


He Swears


Crystal Calhoun



A bright star
pierces heart of black
far above--
sinuous coils of midnight
drape about her childling form
and she is honored
to the quick
by her gentle fingers' rest
on cool scales.
He will tighten deadly loops
he swears with sibilant tongue
but not yet.




Author Bio

Crystal Calhoun is, among other troublesome things, both an unknown and a dreamer-philosopher. Presently she is a student at the University of South Florida, and pondering several properly useless majors.

It seems to be in her blood to harbor inescapable hopes, generally of finally stumbling across a companion who will give her the choice of being rescued, or of rescuing herself, but who will see her rescued no matter what. Most of all, she defies being defined in a single paragraph -- or indeed a single lifetime -- for always in motion is her future!

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"He Swears" Copyright © 2001 Crystal Calhoun. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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border by Jennifer Walker

"Dragon Dream" illo ©
Amy Brown Fantasy Art