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Barbara Jeffries-Taylor, a believer, dreamer, and creator of fairies and angels, lives in Ohio near Cleveland, but yearns to return to the magic of England. The land where fairies frolic in lush gardens, trolls and nymphs rule the dark forests, and water sprites wait patiently just beneath the surface of calm lakes and deep rivers.

She spends personal, creative time drawing angels, fairies, wizards, and mermaids, which will soon be displayed on a new web site. Other interests include spiritual growth, movies, shopping, her dog, Sarah, and communing with nature.

Her immediate goal is to make a comfortable living through her art. She would like to do more commission work, and CD covers, and would love an opportunity to do book art, and calendars.

Barbara is currently illustrating her first children's story, mailing out a new catalogue of her work, and designing web pages for her upcoming, online gallery.

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