Only You


Barry Hunter

There are plenty of blank pages
Waiting for the pen
To spread the lines
That may become the story of a life

It may be a long novel filled with pages
Of accomplishments and failures
As the pages fill
Before the pen runs out of ink

Or it may be a short story
Coming to a sudden close
Before it gets started
As a pencil breaks

While the pages are marked
And the notations made
Into a volume that
May be thin or thick

Who has the choice to make
Which volume will have more value
To the ones who
Pick them up and read them

Only you, faithful reader


Author Bio

Born in Centre, Alabama. Married in 1968 to my wife, Kathy, we have one son Scott. In real life, I am a computer Information Specialist for a wholesale distributor.

Learned to read at age four by reading Pogo, Dick Tracy, Steve Canyon and Mandrake the Magician in the newspaper comics. Started on Andre Norton, Isaac Asimov, and Lester del Rey juveniles until I managed to get an Adult Library Card and worked my way through the Avalon, Gnome, and Brandon reprints and discovered Burroughs, Heinlein and Silverberg.

Really got hooked into fandom after receiving a reply to first fan letter to Robert A. Heinlein asking about a sequel to PODKAYNE OF MARS in 1963 and meeting another fan who may or not have been Gordon (TIM) Eklund at the same time.

Got introduced to apas and meeting other fans by Cliff Biggers in the early 70’s and was active in Myriad, The Esoteric Order of Dagon [HP Lovecraft], PHAPA [Pulp Heroes], The Hyborian League [Robert E Howard], FAPA, APA-VCR, and was on the SFPA waitlist for years.

Was a staff reviewer for PULPHOUSE published by Dean Wesley Smith and Kris Rausch. Wrote reviews for Cliff Biggers FUTURE RETROSPECTIVE and after encouragement by Dick Geis (Science Fiction Review), Mike Glyer (File 770) and others began publishing my own fanzine Baryon in 1975. The first five issues were called WHAT THE POSTMAN BROUGHT, with Baryon as its name with issue 6.

Over the years Baryon has used art by Wayne Van Sant – who is the finest and most historically accurate war artist around, Ruth Thompson and Bob Hobbs – both are Illustrators of the Future Finalists, Nene Thomas, Peter Horwath and others. Kevin J Anderson was a frequent correspondent and Piers Anthony’ s’ daughter, Penny, had early letters published in its pages.

Baryon has been quoted on books published by DAW, NAL, Warner, Doubleday, Tor, Berkley, Bridge, Overlook, Unnameable Press, Meisha Merlin, White Wolf and numerous ebook sites and authors pages. Authors include Tanith Lee, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Harlan Ellison, Storm Constantine, Brian A. Hopkins, Patrick Welch, Steve Lazarowitz, Brian Lumley and Jack Williamson.

Aided Wayne Van Sant with Viet Nam material for THE ‘NAM comic. Served in the 25th Infantry Division, E Company, 725th Maintenance in Cu Chi, Republic of Viet Nam in 1969 and 1970 where I was a computer operator in a helicopter repair unit.

Host chat every second and fourth Friday night at 9:00pm on the web at

Baryon Online, the web extension of Baryon has been on the web since 1995 and has seen continued growth each year.

One of the original Cybling Rangers. Founding member and on Membership Committee of the Zine Guild - an International Internet association dedicated to mentoring new zines and raising the quality of zines on the web. Details at

Frequent attendee and guest at DragonCon, Fantasm, Atlanta Fantasy Faire, Dixie Trek, LibertyCon, ChattaCon and DeepSouthCon.

Have had fiction-a feghoot and poetry published in MILLIENIUM F&SF. Have forthcoming poetry coming from Twilight Times ezine in July and an essay on fanzines in Writers of the Future XVI in August

BidZine editor for the Charlotte in 2004 WorldCon bid.

Web address is


"Only You" Copyright © 2001 Barry Hunter. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.
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