Magpie Fairy
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Penny Gerking




Twelve moon-wise women, rich in years,
brought baskets laced with love and ribbons,
filled with faded photographs and honey-scented candles.

In celebration of the ancient rites
all corners of the earth and sky stood witness;
wind and earth, owl and wolf: the very air was moved.

Good witches all, we gave what lay within
our power; hope and blessings, tales and prophecy.
Blood-red roses slowly spread, lilies breathed snow.
The aunties sang, for Jennifer, her natal lullaby.
Sweet harmony. We grannies wept. And Jennifer stood
proud and tall, a woman-child among her peers, at home

in love's fierce, sacred circle.




Author Bio

Penny Gerking is a retired RN, has published poetry in The Lyric, Outer Darkness, Perspectives, and ezines; mipo's ella, The Horsethief's Journal, The Green Tricycle, Nectarzine as well as other anthologies and journals. She is editor of Retrozine the journal of memories and administrates the on-line forums Heaven's Pennies. She writes fiction, mainstream and sci fi, facilitates writing groups, teaches at workshops, and still finds playing with the grandkids the most fun of all.

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"Initation" Copyright © 2002 Penny Gerking. All rights reserved.
First published in MiPo's Women Beat, Ella Issue #1, 2002. Re-printed by permission of the author.


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