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Gothic Moon


Jane Toombs




Witch moon, bitch moon,
Your ghoulish light
Chiaroscuros the night.
The wind's woeful tune
Lures blood-takers from the tomb
Sends shape-shifters to their doom
Wakes the witch to mount her broom.

Jewel moon, cruel moon,
Covens chant in wild delight
Drawing demons to their site.
Fate woven in a single rune
By the sisters with their loom
Weaving in their wretched room
Revenge upon the brideless groom.

Bad moon, sad moon,
Ghostly with its leaching blight
Leads the foul, forlorn wight
To the grave, not to the light.
To the murdered bride entombed,
Waiting for her killer-groom
Embracing him in death's dark room.



Author Bio

Snowbird Jane Toombs enjoys the best of Florida and Michigan's Upper Peninsula weather, along with the Viking from her past and their cat, Kinko. She is the author of seventy plus books, and twelve anthology stories--but "Gothic Moon" is only her third published poem. As the title and the content of the poem indicates, Jane's favorite reading and writing genre is fantasy/paranormal.

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"Gothic Moon" Copyright © 2004 Jane Toombs. All rights reserved.
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