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Julie Shiel




The colors of twilight
seep into the day,
fading to velvet
of nocturnal array.
Shrouded by moonlight
and memories of blue,
the forest is hidden
in monochrome hue.

Lit by the moon
and by shattered starshine,
the Wild Hunt begins,
drunk on mulberry wine.
And under the moon's
preternatural beam,
they hunt the white stag
with its silvery gleam.

And deep in the woods
where a faery ring lies,
the dryads and elves,
and the Seelie court vies,
for the beautiful queen
her eyes lit by the moon,
as she dances each night
to the forest god's tune.

The cruelty of day
lies lonely and stark,
but when nightfall arrives
and I'm wrapped in the dark,
the night soothes my pain
as it fades with the light,
and the dullness of day
bows to magic each night.



Author Bio

Julie Shiel lives in Maryland with two very spoiled cats. Her work appears in various magazines and anthologies including Flesh & Blood, Brutarian,, Aoife's Kiss, Champagne Shivers, EOTU, Side Show, Dust Devil, Rogue Worlds and many others.

Her first poetry collection, titled Disturbed, is available through or on Project Pulp (

Visit Julie's web site.

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